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Digital Frame Hack – How to Build a Custom Web Interface!

For those of you looking to hack your wireless digital frames, here’s a great guide on how to build your own custom web interface.  The hack uses PHP and MySQL so it shouldn’t be a surprise for most of you web developers out there.  This is a great way to make more usage out of the wireless digital frame than showing pictures and videos.

As soon as you enter the needed data like ssid and password (yes, he can do wep and wpa/2 !), the frame connects to your wifi

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Blog DIY – How to Make a WordPress Blog in 2 Hours!

Well, I started writing a DIY on how to make a WordPress Blog over at my Ad Optimization blog and it got rather long.  But I do tell you how to make a WordPress blog with all the bells and whistles in just 2 hours and also what “skills” you’d need to do it that fast.

If you are thinking about designing blogs for a living, this will definitely of great help in getting things done faster.

Here’s an excerpt:

1. I go to GoDaddy.com and register

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IPic – A Match Head Sized Web-Server

Here’s the world’s tiniest implementation of web-server.

[via] umass.edu

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Network Tools in one window for the Network guys

Here’s some cool network tools including DNS Lookup, SPAM DB Lookup, Ping, Look up country of IP, and more…

via iptools.com

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