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Recommended Invitations

Web2.0 Expo 2008 – SpinScape.com Launched – new “Digital Collaboration” Tool!

I was taking a smoke break in front of Web2.0 Expo and saw these people marching with funky white wigs on. Well, at first I thought they were protesting but one of the protestors did reach out and speak to me about what’s behind their “guerilla campaign” as seen in the video below.

I also scored close beta invitations to SpinScape.com. If you want the invite code for the private beta, simply watch the video here:


So, I decided to try out what this “protest” was

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CouchTycoon.net – Private Beta Testing – we got some free invitations!

CouchTycoon is like Monopoly game in real life. (it seems like) The founder has given me an invitation key to give out more invitations. If anyone wants one, let me know!

Additionaly Mr. Idle wants to make starting a company as easy as writing an e-mail. Every one knows the e-mails from a friend containing a business-flash written in some sentences, replied with a comment, re-replied with an other addendum, etc… On that basis starting a venture should become possible. That´s why he decided to use simpl

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