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Sheep Shearing Robot is Creepy!

I happened to be a meatetarian who doesn’t eat lamb (and no pork until this #swineflu settles down), and here’s a creepy sheep shearing robot that will safely get all that hair out.  But still, it’s scary if the robot somehow misses an inch and pokes the sheep.  Not baaaad. #sheepvoice

I just wonder how many sheeps got killed in the making, hopefully none.

Despite how unsettling this contraption is, the inventor, James Trevely, claims that the sheep don’t mind it all that much. In f

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Bed Blog Search Engine Launched!

Bedzine Blog Search Engine has been launched today and I had to work (or play,hack, whatever) for the last 24 hours w/o sleep.

The main reason I am spending so much on this new blog search engine idea is the fact that it can help readers find what they “want”, not simply the latest blog posts on the home page.

Of course, our web stats been hitting the roof last couple days too, mainly due to people “searching” after landing on a blog post they are not interested in.

I will prob

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Interview with Inventor of Linux, Linus Torvalds!

I’ve read books of 2 of the most unique creators of operating systems, that is Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft Windows.

Of course, I did get the feeling that Bill Gates was a money-hungry, arrogant, geek-vampire from his book while I got the feeling that

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Homemade Self-Balancing Vehicle Uno!

As a biker, I couldn’t resist posting this cool Uno, a uni-cycle that can balance itself. I must have missed it when it first came out but here it is.

The UNO, built by Ben Gulak, is essentially a 120-pound electric unicycle that balances itself with gyros and is capable of reaching 40MPH. The inventor initially began the project himself, but contacted robotics expert Trevor Blackwell later on to help reprogram the ECU. Currently, the vehicle is still in testing stag

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Resealable Can!


Wow, check out this resealable can baby!

and press release here:

via youtube

Snellville (Atlanta), GA USA. A Ukrainian inventor, Johan De Broyer has conceived the idea for a re-sealable aluminum soda can featuring hidden advertising messaging. The idea was developed/designed by Robert Davis, Davis Advertising Inc. of Snellville (Atlanta), GA USA. K Mac McClintock, Advercan (Dallas, TX USA) is handling m

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Cheryl Downing on Low cost marketing for Inventors and Makers

Are you an inventor? Need some marketing help?

Cheryl Downing stopped by our booth and explained to us a little about Low cost marketing for inventors and makers.

Thank you Cheryl! 🙂


Check out her website and Inventors Alliance for more information.

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How to use a multimeter!


Here’s a cool howto on using a multimeter. This could be very useful if you are a hacker, inventor, gadgeteer, maker, or ninja among other super human beings… It could be helpful to know the next time your wife asks you how many volts is running through the power line that your dog or cat stripped…

Check out the pdf too!

This Make: Video Po

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