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Medical DIY – EyeWriter that lets Paralyzed People to Write with Eyes!

Before this eyewriter, the only way a paralyzed person who’s eyes are the only body part that’s not paralyzed could write was to use morse code.  Well, here’s EyeWriter, a DIY invention that allows such paralyzed person to write using their eyes.

I think this gadget has a lot more possibilities going on forward, great DIY.

Tony Quan was diagnosed with ALS in 2003. The disease has left him almost completely physically paralyzed except for his eyes. With EyeWriter Tony can now draw with his eyes.

“The EyeWr

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Vintage Cellphone Ad – LMAO!

I am lucky to have been born before the invention of cellphones and lived through the revolution of cellphones.  Here’s a vintage cellphone ad from back in the 80s, I remember my uncle used to have one of these “great” cellphones that is so COMPACT! LMAO.

via techeblog

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Australian Student Invents Cheap way to make Solar Cells!

A PhD student in Australia has found a cheap way to make solar cells with household parts.  If this process works as well as thought-of, we might have solar cells popping up everywhere with DIYers who make their own solar cells.

An Australian PhD student has found a cheap way to make solar cells with nail polish, a pizza oven and an ink jet printer. 23-year-old Nicole Kuepper’s invention, named iJET, doesn’t require the pricey clean rooms and high-temperature ovens of traditional solar panel manufacturing plants, thus dramatically lowe

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Great DIY Invention – Bike Turn Signal Jacket!


Here’s a very innovative bike turn signal jacket.  This could be really good for motorcycles.  When do these go in production?

via boingboing

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NYU Student creates DIY Virtual Girlfriend

NYU Student creates a 2-D virtual girlfriend that will respond to his kisses and movements.  Very interesting, this might good for relaxing 9-5 men who don’t have partners.

It’s simple to behold — a single mattress, tucked into a dark, curtained back room of the showcase space. On it: a lithe brunette. She’s perfectly quiet, but once you sit or lie down, she responds to your every move. Lie on your back, she snuggles up right next to you in a log position. Curl up in the fetal position, she spoons. The only hitch: She’s 2

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The Hand Phone is the Best Cellphone Invention yet…

WOw, I can’t think of a best cellphone to use this one, it uses slimmest technology to allow you to talk to your friends without having to resort to using your pockets.  The fact that l like this design over traditional wireless bluetooth is that it keeps all that magnetic energy from the cellphone away from your brain.  (Yes, those bluetooth headsets are one thing I avoid simply due to how close they are to your brain.)

WEll, the best part really is the fac

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GooHack of the Day!

Well, I did a search on “sleep” today over at GooHack.com and found some interesting DIY:

How to make sleep glasses so your boss doesn’t see you sleeping.

So, it’s only January and you are already sick and tired of your responsibilities. Ever WonderHowTo get out of doing the things you don’t want to do? Work, relationships,… or simply driving

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Automated “James Bond style” Party Room!


One of our long-time readers and a winner of a free Green Laser, Brian Gaut from Schwippy, has made a new website explaining how to make the Emergency Party Button and transform your livingroom into an automated “Jame Bond style” party room.

As seen in the video, this is a great way to transform your livingroom into a party dance club.

Once Brian presses on the emergency

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Solar Fan Cap/Baseball Hat

Here’s a nice invention if you live in a very hot city. We dare to make one yourself.

This baseball hat has a solar panel on top and DC motorized fan on the front with a nice ventilation hole cut in the bill. Very handy for a summer day or also useful for walks through well lit bakeries if you want the full aromatic experience.

via Make

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Bulletproof Backpack

If you live in the hood, you might need this just in case someone tries to shoot you in the back. This is the reality of some of the metropolitan cities in America so this IS a good invention. That’d be cool if there was one for your chest too…

With the bunch of crazy folks running around these days wielding guns, I wouldn’t mind having one of these BackpackShields covering my back. Constructed from 13 layers of K-29 Kevlar, this thin, lightweight plate will be able to fit in most backpacks and is effective in stopping bullets rangin

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