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How Internet Users Spent their Time Online!

(Image Credit: Penn Olson)

Here’s an interesting stats that shows how people spend their time online, looks as if most people don’t even surf the web but actually check their e-mails online.  Of course, second majority spends their time “searching” on search engines.

It’s surprising to note that “using a social networking site” only makes up 15% and that blog readers are only “10%”.

Anyways, now you know what

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Intel and ASUS doing Consumer Research on Laptops!

Intel and ASUS have launched a site called WePC.com, a site that allows regular internet users (consumers) to create their dream PC online and vote on them.

It’s like a social network for consumer research, a very clever idea for getting great marketable response from consumers.  I, too, have involved in physical consumer research programs for my previous jobs where we would sit behind a mirror-glass, sorta like the ones they use for interrogation of murders.

Anyways, if you want to build your own PC

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