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AT&T New Service Agreement Sucks and I am glad I have Sprint!

AT&T trying to

Well, it’s not new news that a telecommunication company is trying to scam consumers out of their rights through changes in service agreements.  I remember my credit card company sending me a new service agreement about 3 months after I signed up, now that’s a big scam.

Of course, as consumers we can’t really “prove” they are a scam unless we sue them together.

As for me, I am glad I got of the AT&T (Cingular back then) market.  My cable and internet is Comcast and I use Sprint for my Blackb

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Online Service lets Blind Surf the Internet from any Computer!

Here’s a cool new service that lets blind people surf the internet from any computer.  To use it, the person must be using a Windows PC and type the URL address of the website in order to get to it.

Provided that audio is working on the PC and there’s not internet connection problems, it should be a great solution.  Well, it’s a website really.

New software, called WebAnywhere, launched today lets blind and visually impaired people surf the Web on the go. The tool developed at the University of Washington turns screen-reading into an Internet servic

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FCC May Regulate Cellphone Early Termination Fees

Yes!  As a owner of 5 cellphones in the last 2 years, I think it’s time that consumers start fighting back against stupid contract termination fees which I paid about 3-4 times while trying to find the fastest cellular internet service.  (which ended up as Sprint.  AT&T (Cingular), T-mobile, Verizon, they all suck.

Cell phone companies routinely charge customers $175 or more for quitting their service early. Under a proposal to the Federal Communications Commission, the

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