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Blogging DIY – How to Make Money by Blogging More!

I did a DIY write-up of how to make money by blogging more over at my guerilla internet marketing blog, the secrets that I reveal might surprise you:

Okay, here’s the main secret to making money blogging and how to make money blogging:

1. Start a blog

2. Blog, blog, and blog some more.

3. Repeat number 1 and 2 as needed.

Now, if you don’t have a blog yet, that’s the first step to making money blogging.

If you have a blog and you are not blogging at least once a day, you need to go blog.

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DIY and HOWTOs from Guerilla Internet Marketing Blog

Here’s a re-cap of some of the internet marketing stuff I posted on the Guerilla Internet Marketing Blog:

Learn how to survive the recession if you are a blogger.  Money on the internet can be found everywhere, including the latest Obama Inauguration.

Are you still censoring your own blog?  Don’t and

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Guerilla Internet Maketing DIY – How to Use Google Ad Manager to Sell Private Ads for Bloggers!

Well, I admit to playing with Google Ad Manager all day today, this might bore some of you but if you have a blog, this might be some great information on how to sell private ads based on CPM (cost per thousand) instead of fixed rates.

You can check out the full post on my Guerilla Internet Marketing blog here.

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Saturday Internet Marketing 101!


(Video of Why Blogs are so Powerful)

Well, I’ve written bunch of helpful internet marketing 101 materials for those of you interested in making money with blogs over at our Ad Optimization blog, feel free to check them out as they can “make” you or “break” you:

Why Blogs are so Powerful

How to Outsource Blog Con

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Internet Marketing – Impressions versus Clicks

Well, I did a short post about impressions versus clicks over at our biz blog, check it out as it might help you make more money online.

Getting lots of impressions can be great for earning some money with Adsense if you are getting over 100K impressions per day. Otherwise, those impressions do not convert to cash and you need to find a good ad position that will make your readers read the ads and click if it is interesting.

via zedomax.biz

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Zedomax New Direction – .Net and .Biz

Hi All,

Since there are so many things to cover in technology, Web2.0, and internet marketing, I’ve decided to branch out blog posts to dot Com, dot Net, and dot Biz.

From now on, you will only see DIYs, hacks, and Gadgets (mostly) from Zedomax.com.

For Web2.0,webmaster, and social networking related stuff, we will be posting them on Zedomax.Net.

For internet marketing and making money online, we will post them on Zedomax.Biz.

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How to “not” to respond to a blog review!

Hi folks, I did a review on how easy it is to start a 125 pixel exchange network. Of course, it was an “honest” opinion as every review on Zedomax.com is.

But this morning, I woke up to find out this e-mail from the owner of Nuacco.net from S. Masterov portachi@gmail.com: (Normally I don’t disclose the parties but in this case, I felt more righteous to disclose it.)


here are some stats from your nuacco.net account:

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Unique Visitors – Guerilla Internet Marketing 101 – Lesson 1

“UNIQUE VISITORS” is the difference of “HITS” from 10 years ago to now.  Everyone with a website knows what a “unique visitor” is.  If you asked someone 10 years ago, they wouldn’t know it or probably rather pick their nose.

Well, I am not an expert in the blogging subject, but I think I have more enough know-how than your regular joe. The market that is not being tapped in the Internet marketing world are the blog ads that are out there. You can grab some really low CPM ads over Google AdSense. The best thing about these blog ads is that

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