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XM’s New Portable Satellite Radio Device – codename Phoenix!

Well, as soon as this new portable satellite radio device is out, we’d probably no longer need to get a separate one for our cars, homes, etc…etc…  We should be able to take it wherever we want to go, just like an iPod.

According to sources, the XM Phoenix is slightly smaller than the existing Inno with a much slicker interface and a rotating wheel that functions similar to the beloved SkyFi2. It features a MicroSD slot f

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USB External CD-ROM Drive for Netbooks/Mini-notebooks!

For those of you who are on the go like me with netbooks and mini-notebooks without a CD-ROM, you can easily add one of these USB External CD-ROM drives from Amazon for just $24.99.

    24 x USB External CD-ROM Drive General Features: Super Slim Black Bezel and Housing 24x Transfer Rate Front Panel Features: Eject button w

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Facebook Hack – How to Make Ring of Circles Appear when You Right Click!

Here’s an interesting Facebook hack that will allow you to see ring of circles when you right click.  Well, it’s sorta of fun hack, maybe the Facebook developers added some “secret” hacks to their interface:

– press up button twice on ur keyboard

– press down button twice

-press left button

-press right button

-press left again

-press right again

-press “b” now

– and now press “b”

-hit Enter

– hit right click of your mouse..

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DIY iPhone Controlled R2D2!

Here’s the cool R2D2 robot of the day, one that can be controlled via an iPhone!  I have to say this is becoming more realistic than all that other junk they sell online, awesome!

I found a way to remote control my R2D2 with an iPhone. I’ve got minimal control working now. Once I perfect it, I will share more details, but for now this will wet your appetite. In the videos I demonstrate controlling a servo and the dome motor using an iPhone using the accelerometer (tilting the iPhone contro

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PicAxe Hack – How to Add Wii Nunchuk Interface!


Here’s a cool hack for all you PicAxe developers/hackers so you can learn how to add a Wii Nunchuk as a PicAxe interface.

via hackedgadgets

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DIY Hack – How to Make Web Based Teleprensence Robot!


Here’s a fun little project that shows you how to make an web-based robot that can be controlled remotely via the internet. THe main computer is used as web-control system while Make Controller is used to interface the computer to the servo motors attached.

Of course, I do feel that a real PC and the big screen is overkill, but kudos for making such a simple assembly using easy to find software like Sky

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Intel Core i7 Rave and Reviews!

Well, it’s a miracle that Intel keeps on making faster better chips, this time with the Core i7.

In short, the Intel Core i7 features QuickPath interface instead of the traditional Front Side Bus (FSB), on-processor memory controller for faster CPU-to-memory access, support for DDR3 memory modules, re-implem

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Navisense – The Motion Sensing Interface!

Here’s a cool motion sensing interface that might be even better than Multi-touch technology.  The NaviSense interface uses ultrasonic to detect motion and no touching is required by the user.

NaviSense is a software and hardware provider for sensory based embedded signal processing solutions. NaviSense has developed a suite of proprietary software and hardware technologies with tech savvy appeal. The patent pending solutions provide a value-added customer driven benefit. The technologies are complementary to existing platforms and can be inte

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19″ Hello Kitty LCD TV!

For fans of Hello Kitty, here’s a 19″ Hello Kitty LCD TV to match your Hello Kitty purses, beds, dolls, etc…etc…

Our cute, nice 19″ TV provides a resolution of 1440×810, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, brightness of 300cd/m², and response time of 5ms. It features a 1Seg tuner, built-in speakers (3Wx2), and HDMI Interface. Available in two colors, Black & White, and costs 415€.

via akihabaranews

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RGB Lights change Colors with Mixture!


Here’s an interesting RGB lights that change color based on physical RGB mixture.

In this project, water plays an important role as a interface to talk to the light. The lights light up in different colours depending on the different dyes added to the water.

via hackedgadgets

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