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DIY Robot Ramen Replaces Chef in Japan!

Here’s an interesting story of a ramen-making DIY robot that can make up to 40 million different flavors of ramen.  As an avid eater of Korean and Japanese ramen, this is the most perfect idea for making ramen as robots can do them flawlessly, there’s no reason why anyone ever needs chefs for ramen anymore.

The ramen-making robot was built by 60-year-old shop owner Yoshihira Uchida, who spent about 20 million yen on its construction. Customers can place their orders on a computer in

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Blackberry saves a Skiers from Falling 700 Feet!

Here’s a rather interesting story where a skier got wedged between two rocks.  The blackberry in his pocket made his body just wide enough to fall 700 feet and saved his life.

At first I thought the Blackberry saved the skier by letting him call 911 but I guess there’s more uses with Blackberries than just calling the emergency department.

Very interesting, I am sure someone is already using a Blackberry to put butter on their bread already. (Congrats to David Fitzherbert for m

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Bullet Proof Vest Creator Shoots himself for testing!


Here’s an interesting story of the guy who creates bullet-proof vests.  What’s interesting is his story as a pizza delivery boy.

Richard Davis, former U.S. Marine and onetime pizza delivery guy in Detroit, survived a gun shootout (he killed three armed robbers when they attacked him during a delivery). He went on to develop new forms of concealable body armor using

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