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Netbook Hack – How to Add Stereo Microphones to MSI Wind!

Here’s a great way to convert your MSI Wind netbook to be stereo-microphone capable.  I am sure it’d be very similar with other netbooks such as the Eee PCs.

I bought myself a pink MSI Wind when they were first released last year with the intention of using it for university and as a perfect travelling laptop. The Wind is great in many aspects, but the stock inbuilt microphone is severely lacking. It is noisy and not sensitive enough for general use. You have to have your mouth 10cm away

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Blackberry So Secure that Criminals Like to Use Its Encryption Technology!

It’s interesting to note that Blackberries may be pretty secure, so long as you are using the Enterprise Server, which I don’t.

I don’t believe that the Blackberries are THAT secure, it’s a machine, you simply can’t rely too much on machines.  I am sure there’s a better way to secure your data but for right now, I do agree using Blackberry Enterprise Server might be the smartest thing for thugs and drug dealers alike to do.

So if you are a high-profile gangster, make sure to get that Blackberry, not the i

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How To Hack Security Cameras Using Google

Have some fun checking out what other people are doing, using their own networked security cameras to spy on them. Careful, if the FBI comes knocking on your door, we don’t know you.

This video tutorial shows you how to hack with Google, using security issues with Google that can allow you to hack other people’s sites. The only intention of this how-to video is to point out secu

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Shot Online is a Free 3-D Online Golf Game!

Shot Online, a 3-D online golf gam, has been chosen as an official game of GNGWC 2008.

If you cannot afford to get Tiger Woods for your XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, or Playstation PS3, you might just want to check this game out by downloading here for free.  (The game is available for many different languages too but this one’s for English I think.)

I might try it out later this afternoon and see how well I score. 🙂

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