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GPS Hack – How to Never Lose Your Child through GPS Tracking!

These days, there’s no reason to ever “lose” your child, especially with the number of GPS tracking devices out there today.

I was doing more research for my Palm Pre’s GPS tracking system on Twitter and found out that AmberAlert has just launched its hand-sized GPS tracking system GPS 2G, specifically for tracking your kids.

It’s rather pricey at $379.99 for one of these devices and $9.99/month for the most basic tracking but I think this could be the best investme

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Increasing Auto Insurance Fraud and How to Re-Negotiate Your Car Payments!

The recession economy is increasing auto insurance fraud like no other in history.  According to Autoblog,

Despondent over being financially strapped and unable to cover car payments, vehicle owners are ditching, sinking, or torching their vehicles and reporting the loss to collect insurance payoffs.

It is definitely a shame to see honest citizens affected by the economy and end up burning their cars.

My honest advice is to really get a grip on your life before you attempt to recover money from insurance companies.  Life isn’t supposed to be easy but there’

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iCrack – iPhone’s will FAIL by crackin’ on you!

In the last year or so, 20% of all damaged iPhones in the world have FAILED due to the cracking of its screens.  Even Nintendo has added a protective silicon cover for their Wiimotes since they have been crackin’ up HDTVs like it’s no big thang.  Well, Apple better do something and put some protective iPhone covers as default otherwise they may be cheating the consumers. (to buy new iPhones!)

Even my Blackberry has been dropped about 50 times in the last 2 years and no screen has broken.  Perhaps, iPhone design is great for touch but not so much for insurance against c

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Automatic Dog Washer!

Just when you think it wouldn’t be possible, someone comes up with an automatic dog washing system.  Of course, this IS a great idea for saving time but time will tell if any dogs will die from computer mal-function, the manufacturer better have some good insurance against that.

via hackedgadgets


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DIY Laser Harp!


Well, here’s a cool Laser Harp that will allow users to play some music without actually touching anything.  The only concern I have is that with that much contact with real lasers, you might consider getting good insurance, just in case you run into cancer associated lasers.

via hackedgadgets, DIY Page

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Navevo GPS catered to Disabled Citizens!

Navevo has released their new GPS capable of helping disabled citizens more than your iPhone GoogleMaps.  I guess the bad news is that this GPS is really custom-made for U.K. as of now and we probably won’t see them in the states.  (but I might be wrong, please feel free to correct me as always)

This GPS’s distinguishing feature is that it displays many special parking spots, and 20,000 Blue Badge POIs as well as 60,000 other POIs. Navevo teamed up with PIE (Public Information Exchange) to help discover and add disabled parking lots to th

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DRS-1100 is a Black box for your car!


(Video of DRS-1100 recordings)

Check out this DRS-1100 Driver recording system for your car.  Basically, it’s a black box for your car to record your driving in case of accidents and insurance disputes.

I personally do think this is a great idea to protect against any kind of prejudice by cops or even for solid evidence if your car gets hit.

I can recall countless times where other people crash into my car, yet I cannot prove it in words or pictures.  This will definitely help insurance companies better

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