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Baking DIY – How to Make Traditional Baguettes by Hand!

I have to admit the best baguettes are the ones I tasted while visiting France, I am sure it won’t taste the same but here’s how to make traditional baguettes by hand.  I will have to try this real soon.

This instructable will walk you through making two loaves of baguette bread. Following the French tradition, measurements for flour and water are by weight. Because there can be a huge variance when using measuring cups, I’ve found this method the most successful.

via i

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Wireless Gadget Charger!

If you have been keeping up with technology, it’s true, there’s actually ways you can wireless transmit energy.

Best yet, here’s a simple DIY that you can follow to experiment the wireless charging technology yourself.

Inductive Coupling uses magnetic fields to transfer power. There is a primary coil, which generates a magnetic field. Then there is another secondary coil which is composed of a capacitor and a coil, the capacitor creates a resonant circuit with the primary and secondary coils. Seem easy? Well, before publishing this instructable I found many u

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Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Pesto Sauce!

As a former employee of PizzaHut, I have learned to enjoy the taste of pesto pizza.  Pesto sauce can be a good alternative to the regular tomato sauce on a pizza, especially if you have hard time eating acidic foods.

Anyways, today I found this awesome instructable that shows you how to make this pesto sauce, all homemade!

I am planning to make a homemade pesto pizza real soon so keep your eyes close for that later this week but enjoy making your homemade pesto sauce in the meanwhile.

Use the finest, freshest ingredients you can find

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UV DIY – How to Make a UV LED Exposure Box!

I thought I’d post this cool UV LED exposure box since it “looked” super cool and there’s plenty uses for this hacked gadget.

The author of the DIY UV LED box made it orginally for PCB work and whatnot but you can also use it to “disinfect” your silverware and anything that need UV-disinfecting.

Anyways, great DIY and good for reference on your future DIY project.

A UV exposure box is an extremely useful piece of kit. It can be used to make proper PCB’s. It can also be used to make other things such as intricate photo etched par

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Eco Jewelry DIY – How to Make a Necklace with Hemp!

Hemp has been one of the earth’s most valuable resources and can be used for fabrics and alike.  Hemp can be grown everywhere and practically can grow anywhere.  Of course, there’s also the THC-strong substitute also, which is good for something else… 😛

If you have been wondering how to make cool necklace with hemp, you might want to read up on this instructable that show

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Mask DIY – How to Make a Hands-Free Mask!

Here’s a fun exercise for you, learn how to make a hands-free mask!  Use it at work and surprise your co-workers.  (and get more stuff done since now you are essentially hands free!)

This fast and easy instructable empowers people to make a funny hands mask without having to use their hands. Now you can be funny and drink a soda or go trick-or-treating without revealing your true identity. As an added bonus, this is more sustainable than a typical mask since you can use scrap paper to print on, use common materials you probably have already

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IKEA Hack – How to Make Stylish Keyboard Storage using Magazine Holders!

Here’s a great way to make a cheap keyboard storage (or you can store files too) using magazine holders.  This will be a good way to save space as you can “drill” the magazine holders onto the side or any part of your desk/furniture.  Heck, I might even add couple of these to my wall, that’d really give me more storage!

This Instructable is a ste

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Shoe Hack – How to Turn your Old Work Boots/Dress Shoes into Slippers!

I own a bunch of old dress shoes that I want to throw away but I do have a lot of attached memories such as my first boots at my first job after college.  Well, the answer is clear and you don’t have to throw them away!

Cut the back and use them as in-home “luxury” slippers.  What a great idea, I am gonna do this today, you should too and send me pics of your new slippers to zedomax [at] gmail dot com.

step 1 materials 1.Old boots 2.Strong scissors or sharp knife 3.Glue

step 2 cutting the top of Remove the laces.(o

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Pump DIY – How to Make a Hydraulic Ram Pump!

I’ve installed water pumps, sump pumps, you name it.  But the all work using our precious electric energy.  Well, I have seen hydraulic pumps before that use no electricity and glad to say they may be the future alternative for exisiting electric pumps.

I am sure you can apply this hydraulic pump to various different applications including a water pump to add more water pressure to your gardening equipment and other pumping equipment.

I will have to head over to Home De

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Food Hack – How to Make Ultimate Breakfast Sausage!

Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast is one of my favorite menus at Denny’s.  Someone has figured out how to fit that whole menu into a sausage you can eat.

Looks pretty delicious to me, it might save me time in the morning on breakfast.

Also included in this Instructable is the recipe for Bacon Sausage, which was originally what I had intended to make, but got sidetracked with the Ultimate Breakfast Sausage. Why is it then that the title of this Instructable isn’t Bacon Sausage? Perhaps because bacon sausage, and I can’t be

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