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Sprint Samsung Instinct is great but the videos suck!


There are bunch of videos on how to use the new Sprint Samsung Instinct but there’s NO VIDEOS on the browser of the Samsung Instinct.

If Sprint is serious about competing with the iPhone (from a marketing perspective), they gotta get rid of all that voice activated live search crap and make some videos of YouTube playing on the phone OR loading Zedomax.com on the browser.

I think whoever is managing the video marketing section of Samsun Instinct need to be fired.  That’s what I’d do.  Hire someone who’

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Samsung Instinct, the iPhone Killer from Sprint!

The Samsung Instinct dubbed “iPhone Killer” by the masses, might just have all the great features a user might need to grab a big share of the iPhone market.   With Rev. A EDVO, Sprint will definitely be able to offer fast speeds to gizmo geeks who will only buy a phone that has fast internet connection. (me)

We should be one of the first people to get our hands on this phone around June 20th so stay tuned!

You can watch the cool commercial here.

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