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Yahoo to demo its upcoming oneConnect service


Here’s an interesting web app that Yahoo’s workin’ on that will bring not only instant messenger service but all type of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc…etc… Looks pretty good, not that I’d use it.

Yahoo demonstrated its upcoming oneConnect service at MWC 2008 held in Barcelona, Spain. It will be the first mobile product with an open architecture that aggregates communications tools such as email, instant messaging (IM), text messaging (SMS), and social networks.


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CES 2008 Preview – Motorola to present its ‘MOTO Q9h’ aimed at Blackberry

Ooohhh, it looks like they are going to have a new Moto Q called Moto Q9h at 2008 CES. We will be there I think…as long as we have enough customers on EntreWiki…lol…

The only thing I am worried about with this phone is the Windows operating system. I’ve had such terrible experience with any phone that runs Windows Mobile that I’ve already switched to Blackberry, which I don’t like that much either but it’s faster.

You can check out all the

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