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LED Cape!

LED Cape, awesome stuff…

Andrew “Bruce” Lau made this amazing LED cape and wore it around Maker Faire all weekend. I cau

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Build your own Apple Store

Here’s a great resource of what Apple uses to build their stores. I didn’t know they used so many stuff…it’s cool to know though just in case you want to build your own store like an Apple store.

If you want to re-model your home in the style of an Apple store, here are links to the suppliers of the actual items they use.

The designs of the Apple stores may not be particularly original in terms of architecture, however they break new boundari

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DIY – Cool PC Case Mod HOWTO

Check out this cool PC case mod HOWTO.

So, i used Dremel for cutting and its cutting disks. The price for a 50-piece disk package was about 30mk (~ 5USD) and I used 6-7 disks doing these. If you have the inspiration and skill, you definitely should do this, and don’t satisfy yourself with something as simple and plain as spray paints. Gives you that pro-touch 😉

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