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Photography DIY – How to Make a Fish Eye Lense for Nikon DSLR!

Wow, here’s a really innovative way to convert your Nikon DSLR into a fish-eye camera that can take some really awesome lookin’ photos.

I got the inspiration to do this Instructable while reading another Instructable that accomplished the same “fish-eye” effect using a PVC reduction pipe and an entry door viewer.

There was concern in the prior Instructable about around scratching the lens so I wanted to solve that problem in my easy to build fish eye lens as well as make a version which is easy to use, remove, etc.

I decided to modify the design

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WordPress DIY – How to Make your FFFFOUND Website!

FFFFOUND.com is a very interesting image bookmarking site that has been growing steadily.  Here’s a neat DIY on how to make your own image bookmarking site like FFFFOUND:

I’ve been a daily visitor of ffffound for some time now, but I have never been lucky enough to receive an invite to actually use it. It’s a GREAT source of inspiration for all types of design, and I constantly refer to it and the QBN pic of the day thread for some good laughs and beautiful pictures. After realizing that I had a spare domain name I decide

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Eco Friendly Hammock Made From Seatbelts!

Here’s a more brilliant idea for re-using and keeping our mother earth safer, an “eco” hammock made from recycled seatbelts!  Now, this one will cost you $585 but I am already getting some good ideas on what to do with old seatbelts I bought at my local flea market…

Don’t need a hammock?  Try these pillows made from recycled seatb

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Go Tiger at the Masters!


I dunno why but I have always been excited to watch Tiger come back from 7 or 8 strokes back, today is such a day, I hope he shoots like 6 or 7 under although he hasn’t really playing lights out.

Anyways, I am off to watch the Masters all day, sorry for no tech posts today.  Every year, I tend to get lazy near Masters but I am still online, you can join in “live” twittering conversation at my golf twitter @progolferdi

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Scarf DIY – How to Make Guitar Hero Scarf!

Well, if you’ve got enough time to spare, you can learn how to make that Guitar Hero scarf for your kids.

Also, don’t forget to check out “How to wear a scarf” after you make this.

Renée White: In December, I was making scarves for Christmas presents while some friends played Rock Band and I waited for someone to let me have a turn, and I noticed that the scarf I was working on looked a lot like the fret board on the screen. Then

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DIY Halloween LED Music Player!


Here’s a really cool lookin’ LED Music Player for this Halloween you can set by the front door window and entertain your trick-or-treaters.

Basically, I wanted to build some kind of LED matrix driven by an Arduino and laptop for some kind of Halloween costume this year. I ended up using Disney’s Electrical Parade song as the inspiration for my costume. As you can see from the video, the matrix cycles through random animations but when I press a button on my wireless keypad, it starts to play the Electrical Parade so

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Words of Wisdom will teach you Everyday!

One of my best friend’s bathroom has a big poster with lots of “words of wisdom” from famous people featuring lines like, “If you can’t help yourself, no one can help you.”

Anyways, here’s a device that will spit out some random “words of wisdom” to teach you or your kids, one good thing or two everyday for one time payment of $29.95.  Not bad huh?  I might get one and put it on top of my toilet.  I heard your brain can learn a lot faster when you are peeing or pooping.

LLDs consistent

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Enter Key Doorbell lets your neighbors wonder…

Here’s a funny design for a doorbell, an Enter Key Doorbell straight off a regular keyboard. (or is it a MAC?)

Created by Li Jianye, this doorbell takes its inspiration from one of the most famous keyboard keys ever – “Enter”.

via ubergizmo, Design Page

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Recycled Plastic Bottle Art – Sea Creatures!

With more and more designers and artists using recycled materials for their new art, here’s a cool array of sea creatures made with recycled plastic bottles.

The mere fact that plastic water bottles have transparent quality lends itself as the primary basis of our crafty plastic adventure. With that in our minds and fuelled with inspiration and fervor, both of us began the lengthy and labourous activity of sorting, cleaning, slicing, thread

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DIY – How to Measure Speed of Light using Chocolate!

Here’s a really cool science experiment that allows you to measure speed of light by putting chocolate in the microwave and measuring the hot spots.

In this Instructable, the first in a series using the book How to Fossilize Your Hamster And Other Amazing Experiments for the Armchair Scientist as inspiration, we use a bar of chocolate to measure the speed of light.

via instructables

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