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Garden DIY – How to Make Asian-Style Stepping Stones!

Interestingly, I am noticing more of my non-Asian friends have more-Asian feel to their homes.  Of course, you don’t have to be Asian to have Asian home decorations.

Here’s an awesome DIY that shows you how to make Asian-style stepping stones.  (And let’s stay away from calling Asian things “oriental”, that has been classified as a “racist” term the last time I checked.  I didn’t really mind this term until I took Asian American class in college, it tur

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iPhone DIY – How to Make an iPhone App!

Here’s a cool free application guide to making your own iPhone app. I’ve been hearing how much you could make with iPhone apps, this DIY should get you started very q

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Future Computers will be Organic!


Well, I’ve played golf few years back with a Silicon Valley lawyer who specializes in IP. (Intellectual Property)

He used to tell me rumors that AMD and Intel were already working on future computers that are “organic”, sorta like human brains.

It seems that he might have been telling the truth:

“The brain is the hardware,” says Modha, “and from it arises processes such as sensation, perception, action, cognition, emotion and interaction.” Of this, the most important is cognitio

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MySQL HACK – MySQL Performance Tuning

If you are a webmaster and you run a dedicated server, you might want to watch this video and learn some insights into MySQL performance tuning.

Jay Pipes, MySQL employee and co-author Pro MySQL, gave a great presentation to Google employees which covers a number of techniques for tuning performance on MySQL. His examples include debugging and analyzing problems as well as best practices

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