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Nymph Insect Lamp!

If you need a really cool insect-like lamp, you will have to get this $2,600 Nymph Lamp.  Of course, you’d probably be a rich-snob to afford this one.

Body made of a two-part fiberglass mold- white lacquer finish. Light covers made of Corian. Legs 5/8” hollow steel tubes each curve is unique to its location- white powder coat finish.

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Border Patrol Bots!

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that BAE systems were rumored to work on insect-like robots for the military.  Now, BAE systems have developed Border Patrol Bots that can go under trucks, equipped with sensors, and practically allow travelers to move along faster while increasing security.

I think it’s a good idea I guess, just don’t tell me any of my tax money is going into it.  THEN, I’d have to ask the government to stop doing it as I don’t want to spend money on border patrollization.

With so many people I kn

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Miniature “Insect” Robots for the Military!

Lol… BAE Systems is in development of “insect” robots to help soldiers fight in wars. While this does remind me of many cool sci-fi movies, I just can’t believe all my hard earned money will go to taxes then to this?!?

I am totally against war and even if internet was invented from wars, this isn’t the direction I expected. Well, at the least, it can help save some lives of soldiers who go to “future” wars.

The M

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