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Maker Faire 2009 in San Mateo Expo!

Maker Faire will be coming home to San Mateo Expo center in California again.  Don’t miss out and check out the biggest “re-make” event of the year.

Go here to get your tickets online.  Of course, I will be there to take some pics and videos on the latest DIY gadgets.

4th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area: Re-Make America

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Gold Plated Toothbrush!

(Gold-plated Toothbrush from South Korea, 2000 Won, which is about 2 US dollars.)

Close-up (the bristles are gold plated?)

Believe it or not, people in South Korea have been going kinda crazy with gold-plated toothbrush.  I recently saw one at my local Korean supermarket in San Francisco, then my mom gave me an authentic gold-plated toothbrush she brought over from Korea. (Thanks mom!)

Well, I do already have an automatic Oral-B toothbrush (wh

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Intel and ASUS doing Consumer Research on Laptops!

Intel and ASUS have launched a site called WePC.com, a site that allows regular internet users (consumers) to create their dream PC online and vote on them.

It’s like a social network for consumer research, a very clever idea for getting great marketable response from consumers.  I, too, have involved in physical consumer research programs for my previous jobs where we would sit behind a mirror-glass, sorta like the ones they use for interrogation of murders.

Anyways, if you want to build your own PC

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DIY Chinese Solar-powered Car gets 90+ Miles on a 30-hour Charge!

We’ve all heard of what some Chinese people can do such as the DIY Helicopter and DIY Submarine.  Well, here’s comes another cool innovation, a Solar Powered car that does 90+ miles on a single 30 hour charge.

Of course, if there’s sun while you drive, that’s additional miles to add.

Now, let me ask GM, Toyota, and Honda, where are your “Chine

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Fake Glue-on Brembo Brake Add-ons!

As a proud owner of a Suzuki GSXR600, which comes with Brembo brakes as factory default, I can see why people might want to soup up their card by gluing this fake Glue-on Brembo add-ons.

Now, make sure to wait 2 to 4 hours after glueing, you don’t want those expenisve brakes falling out on you while you drive.

bogus, glue-on brake caliper covers that give you the high-performance Brembo look while perfectly maintaining your fakemobile’s incomprehensible lameness. When it comes to things that suck, innovation knows no bounds.

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Radical New Bike – The Extertec Spykster!

Wow, check out this 3-wheeled radical new bike called the Extertec Spykster! I wonder if it’s street-legal.



The Extertec(tm) “Spykster” Key Points & Advances:

    Patent pending leading edge steering design for road, dirt, snow and sea Takes existing Quads, Jet Ski and Snow Mobile machines to the next level Practical gains in safety and control without limitations of existing systems Provides basis for innova

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Asus 7 inch Digital Photo Frame is also an LCD monitor!

Asus has launched their 7″ digital photo frame which can also be used as a monitor.  I told you people will start copying Samsung’s small LCD idea

Asus has recently launched a new 7’’ digital frame, the UFOTO UF735. Our device features a 7’’ LCD screen in high-resolution (800×480), 128MB of internal memory, a USB 2.0 port, earphone jack. It supports CF/SD/MMC/MS/xD memory cards, and USB flash drives.


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Billboards that detect your age and demographics!

A french company has invented a billboard that will display advertisements based on your detected age and demographics…

Man, this sucks… or is it innovation?  Great for advertising, too much invasion of privacy in public.  LEAVE US ALONG YOU JERKS!

They are equipping billboards with tiny cameras that gather details about passers-by–their gender, approximate age, and how long they looked at the billboard. These details are transmitted to a central database.

Behind the technology are small start-ups that say they are not storing actual images o

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Toyota rolls out Night View “Body Detection” system!

Wow, here’s an innovation that’s only going to get better and better from Toyota.

It’s a night view system that detects people at speeds lower than 60km/hour. Well, eventually, they should be able to add a feature where the car will stop automatically if the car is running into a human being.

Future is here!

The newest Crown Hybrid employs pattern recognition to recognize pedestrians. Multiple sets of image data on the shapes of pedestrians

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Speech Controlled Wheel Chair


I believe speech controlled wheel chairs have been around for years but here’s a DIY version.

[Amnon] sent in this demo of his groups voice controlled wheel chair. I couldn’t find any details, but sometimes just a demo is enough to find some new inspiration. They connected a hm2007 speech recognition kit to an Innovation FIRST controller board on an electric wheel chair chasis. Additional sensors detect stairs and other obstacles.

[via hac

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