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Australian Student Invents Cheap way to make Solar Cells!

A PhD student in Australia has found a cheap way to make solar cells with household parts.  If this process works as well as thought-of, we might have solar cells popping up everywhere with DIYers who make their own solar cells.

An Australian PhD student has found a cheap way to make solar cells with nail polish, a pizza oven and an ink jet printer. 23-year-old Nicole Kuepper’s invention, named iJET, doesn’t require the pricey clean rooms and high-temperature ovens of traditional solar panel manufacturing plants, thus dramatically lowe

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Printball Paintball Printer!


Yes, this is something that we need the most…a Printball Paintball Printer!

Lol… I wonder if you can “miss”…

The PrintBall is like an Ink-Jet printer using a PaintBall Gun as printhead. The gun is mounted on a custum made pan & tilt unit which is connected to a Max/Msp based software through an Atmel chip [programmed in Basic]. The software allow the users to loa

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