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5 Great Green Blog for Reading!

Here’s a round-up of the 5 great green blogs you must read for green people out there: (Don’t forget Keetsa blog!)

1. Planet Green -This blog and portal is part of the Discovery channel media network and boasts lots of good green content and personalities. A fun read.

from their “about us” page:

Planet Green is the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network with a robust online presence and community. Launched in June 2008, our on-air content reaches 50 mill

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The Dubai Ziggurat – Eco-Friendly Self-Sustaining Pyramid for 1 Million People!

The Dubai Ziggurat - Eco-Friendly Self-Sustaining Pyramid for 1 Million People!

Dubai seems to always spark the public’s interest with things like the tallest buidling in the world.

Well, here’s another great idea that might make it to production, an eco-friendly self-sustaining pyramid that can house 1 million people.

The size of the pyramid should be huge but shouldn’t be a hard task for Dubaians who are already building the tallest building in the world.

The Mayans and Egyptians

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Cedar House, made entirely from Cedar!

Check out this awesome eco-friendly Cedar House, entirely made from sustainable Cedar wood, cutting down on carbon footprint as much as possible.

Of course, maybe not intended, but this house probably is the most moth-repelling in the world as cedar is commonly used for repelling moths that can eat y

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Mixko Whippy Ice Cream Overhead Lights!

Yes, here’s a great way to help your ice cream cravings with lights that look like ice cream.

via coolestgadgetsinhabitat

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Santa Monica’s New Solar Powered LED Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica Pier will be getting a new solar powered LED ferris wheel.

The Pacific Ferris Wheel at the Santa Monica Pier in California took her last spin on May 5th before crews dismantled the sun-faded behemoth piece by piece to make way for a shiny new wheel. And shiny it is, boasting 160,000 LED lights that will bring glittering visual performances to Santa Monica’s evening sky. The solar panels used for the old wheel will remain at the pier, providing clean energy for the 90-foot ride and its 800 passengers per hour.


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Solar Shade Veil for Schools!

Here’s a great idea for schools.  It’s a solar shade veil that would generate power for the schools while providing shade for the students and teachers.

Why didn’t we think of this earlier like 10 years ago?

An Australian government funded initiative, the VEIL solar-shade is a future possibility for the integration of solar-energy harvesting technologies into a form that is pragmatic (providing shade & energy), evocative and educational.

The idea is very simple: instead of having simple canopies outside the scho

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Zero Energy Media Wall in Beijing!


I’ve seens some impressive media walls that does animation in Korea couple years ago but this, this is amazing that it runs on solar power!

The polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are laminated within the glass of the curtain wall and placed with changing density on the entire building’s skin. The density pattern increases building’s performance, allowing natural light when required by interior.

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Gooef, Eco-Friendly and Green Search Engine Launched!

We just launched Gooef.com, an eco-friendly and green search engine over at Keetsa.com.  If you are into eco-friendly stuff, try typing in something like, “gadgets” and you will get a nice list of eco-friendly and green gadgets.

I know, the name sounds kinda goofy but the “ef” actually stands for “eco-friendly”.

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DIY KITS – Container Home Kit CHK

Check out these cool Container Home Kits from Lot-EK. These would be great for quick setup of your new vacation home while saving earth too by re-using.

Lot-ek’s scalable system can accommodate anywhere from 640-2560 square feet, and comes fully equipped and ready to plop on-site with built-in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fully insulated AND furnished. It’s fully-equipped conceptually as

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