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Gameboy Advance Hack – How to Make a Gameboy Advance Infrared Remote Control!

Although the project is still in the works, Markus Hirsch is working on a custom, infrared remote control for his Game Boy Advance for which he says there’s no standard remote control that works on it:

There are many universal remote controls out on the market. None of them have the features of a GameBoy Advance fittet with a little infrared transeiver and a functional program. It features a grafical interface with customable buttons. The signal information can be sampled fr

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Robot Kit – Parallax Boe-bot


[gv data=”zDIINrRpAqM”][/gv]

Here’s our new boe-bot kit we got yesterday, it looks really cool. You can do some neat stuff like make a infrared sensors so the boe-bot detects objects and uses couple servos to run the wheels.

We are going to start hacking it a little…hopefully we can get one of those RC car motors in it and make it go kinda faster…

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Automatic infrared Door from Next Fest 2006

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All I can say is WOW!

Not the kind you’re used to. This door has many slats with infrared sensors on their tips. When you walk up to it, the slats slide out of the way, conforming to your body. We’ve written about this, but here’s a video of it in action.

via gizmodo

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