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Paypal DIY – How to Send Money to India!

Recently, Paypal was banned from sending money to India.

Some of our bloggers have been having trouble receiving money because of the issue.

What are the alternatives?

I’ve tried Xoom, which charges a very small fee to send anything under $1000 and no charge between $2000-3000.

If you do business over in India and you need to keep sending/receive money, try Xoom.

I tried it couple years back when I sent money to our bloggers in India and works

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Call Center Hack – How to Get Service From Phone Company Call Centers!

Hahaha, here’s an interesting blog post I started to write and forgot about it for couple weeks: (It’s a wonder what a difference a week makes you feel about things. ┬áJust take it slow.)

LMAO Oscar Saved My Ass From AT&T Call Centers!

The most interesting thing came about today, I called AT&T THREE TIMES and navigated through their menus to reach call center in India once, then another woman over in the States, then to Oscar solved my problems of not being able to recover my registration info for the new router.

Seriously, I called AT&T 3 TIMES

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World Record – John Chow is the Blogging Seinfeld? He makes money making fun of the internet!

As you well know, my blogger friend John Chow was on Entrepreneur this month! He’s coined as the “Blogging Seinfeld”. I couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot of people saying how John Chow is a spam blog but I disagree with that. He made a new blogging topic, “Making Money Online” so explosive that now you see thousands of blogs like John Chow’s.

If it wasn’t for his blog, I doubt there would be such an enormous “buzz” around the internet about maki

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