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CSS Hack – How to Display CSS Dropdown Menus Over iFrames!

I have been working on a new CSS Dropdown menu using some free code over from Alist Apart.  You should see the updated dropdown menus right here on Zedomax.com real soon when I am done tinkering with it.

Well, I ran into a problem while developing these CSS dropdown menus, the menus would display “under” the Google Adsense ads, which are basically iframes.

I kept googling for some solutions but there was really no clear answer out there but I found that you can easily do this by using “Z-index&

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Coupon Search Engine Launched!

Holy crap, it’s almost Christmas and I am still working!  Well, I promise I will stop working tomorrow but before we celebrate one of my favorite holidays, let me introduce you to KouponBox.com, a fully-equipped custom coupon search engine, probably the world’s very first search engine that can save you a lot of money every time you search.  (Btw, I am also in the process of writing a book called, “Search”, isn’t that

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Is your blog hosted on a shared server? You are not serious then.

Is your blog hosted on a shared server such as BlueHost, Dreamhost, or whatever? Then you might be in for some surprises later down the road if you ever get more than 500 visitors per day. You can check how many websites are hosted on your shared server by entering your domain name at myIPneighbors.com.

I bet you though if you are on a hosted server, you will most likely find at least 10 other websites. Yes, this is bad.

When I first started blogging, I also started on a cheap $100/year hosting from bluehost.com. No shared hostin

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