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Finger Nose Hair Trimmer!

This Finger Nose Hair Trimmer will allow you to effectively cut your nose hair by using it’s its human-like index finger you are already used to for digging the other stuff.

This works just like a regular, battery operated trimmer, except that the body is shaped like a finger! It’s so ridiculous and gross, you don’t have to worry about someone accidently using it for their ear hair! So go ahead, stick a finger up your nose, because now it will actually be

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USB Ring Optical Mouse!


This little ring mouse will help you get more stuff done by letting your mouse sit on your finger.  It’s even got a scroll button so you can use your thumb or the index finger to scroll.

– Innovative design, cool gadget – Mouse attaches to index fingers – Allows you to control the cursor/mouse and type at the same time – Perfect for using in constrained areas (airplanes, trains and buses) &#

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