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Recommended Improvements

DIY POV Blue LED Display!

Take a moment and watch these awesome displays of the DIY POV blue LED display that will animate a dog. (or horse)  Awesome huh?

Improvements are: The rotation speed is 25/s instead of 7/s like in the earlier version, thanks to a cooling fan motor, which can give about 10W power and enough torque at 1800rpm. Also the power supplying is changed for the rotating part. It gets negative through the axe, positive through a sliding contact. The rotation speed is monitored, so the image does not collapse when it decreeses.

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Bed Blog Search Engine Launched!

Bedzine Blog Search Engine has been launched today and I had to work (or play,hack, whatever) for the last 24 hours w/o sleep.

The main reason I am spending so much on this new blog search engine idea is the fact that it can help readers find what they “want”, not simply the latest blog posts on the home page.

Of course, our web stats been hitting the roof last couple days too, mainly due to people “searching” after landing on a blog post they are not interested in.

I will prob

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Computer Screens coming to Coke and Paper!

That’d be the day we can stop recycling paper and cans.

The Ontario school’s Human Media Laboratory is cooking up futuristic computer screens on Coke cans that can receive RSS feeds and videos (as seen above) and even on paper (as seen below) that blow away some of the other PC form factor improvements on the market or in the works (see our recent slideshow on Desktops of the Future).


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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own 360 panoramic photo-bot


Wow, check out this instructable on HOWTO make your own 360 degrees panoramic photo-bot!

this is my 360 panoramic photo robot, the idea is shooting in 360 degrees in the smaller time as possible without errors, take the panoramic in a hard conditions and fun!.

this project i take a 1 month and i am implementing improvements, and i use parts of bad cd-roms and hard disk drives.

i hope that it serves to construct your own robot or can

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