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Car DIY – How to Tune your Import Car!

Well, I just launched another blog called RideYourPimp.com.  Basically, we will be featuring many fun things about how to hack your import car.

Here’s a couple of posts that will get you craving for more on how to tune your import car:

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DIY WordPress HACK – How to import Ultimate Tag Warrior Tags if you keep getting errors!

Well, since I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, I’ve had to let go of Ultimate Tag Warrior. Actually, I thought Ultimate Tag Warrior was working until today, when I found out every URL such as http://zedomax.com/tag/lasers, was giving me a 404 error.

Well, being an old school I am, I did even try to downgrade back to my favorite WordPress 2.2.3, which results in catastrophic failure with the wp-categories… Damn it!

So I did look through the internet and

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