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iMac Hack – iMac G4 Hacked into a 17″ Touchscreen Monitor!

For those of you who want to recycle you iMac G4 into a swivel 17-inch touchscreen monitor, take a look at how this guy did it.

I actually get to write this post from my completed mod!!!! (Well from my laptop cloned to my monitor, but close enough). I think it came out great. The image is clear and bright. The touch screen adds some weight, but there is no significant “monitor drift”. It took a while to get the touch screen working and calibrated, but it works fantast

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DIY iLamp Made from iMac G4!

Have an old iMac G4?  Well, you don’t need to throw it away, make one of these awesome DIY iLamps!

On January 7, 2002 Steve Jobs introduced a beautifully redesigned iMac loaded with an 800 MHz PowerPC 7445 (G4) processor and 15″ Flat Panel LCD screen. The new iMac was nicknamed the “iLamp, since Apple advertised it as having the flexibility of a desk lamp.

Almost eight years since the official launch, our old friend iMac has actually been reimagined as

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iMac G4 Hack – DIY iMac G4 Touch Screen!


Looking for a cool way to hack your iMac G4 into a touchscreen computer?  Look no more, here’s a DIY iMac G4 touchscreen!  The author even hacked a Windows 7 into a PowerPC machine, I don’t know how he did that. (I guess you can install Win 7 on PowerPC CPUs???  Will have a post on that soon too then!)

Way cool!

I added the original speakers connected to a Griffin Power Wave Adapter and now I finally have an updated

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