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Job Hack – How to Get a Job with an Artistic Resume!

WebDesignerDepot just posted some of the world’s most artistic resumes I have EVER SEEN such as my favorite below.

Perhaps, these are perfect examples of people who think out of the box and I’d probably hire them.  

This goes to show how much work you can actually do for a company before even you start a job.  

Especially if you are planning to be hired as a graphic designer or something similar along those lines, this is a super, great idea where you c

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Caveman’s Evolution Watch!

Here’s a really cool evolution watch that seems to feature all sorta animals to make a human being?

The Evolution watch was created with the help of the well-known Scottish illustrator and comic book artist Tom Gauld who managed to visualise time a little differently challenging our perceptions in his drawings. Rather than using numbers normally depicting time he takes his solid black characters to depict time as a sequence in evolution as opposed to a sequ

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DIY Homebrewed Wii App – Wii Physics!


This homebrewed Wii App called Wii Physics is similar to Microsoft’s Physics Illustrator and will let you test out your ideas before applying them in real life.

Wii Physics is a clever little homebrew app. You use the Wiimote to rotate, size and place objects on a stage. Pulleys, ropes, gears and joints can be used to connect objects together, and when you press the play button, a 2D physics system is turned on, causing the objects to fall and interact with each other.

You can download

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