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Abyss Led Table Lamp

Abyss” is a common SAT test word that means, “bottomless” or continuous motion without stop and

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Flexible Glow-in-the-dark Keyboard!

Here’s the ultimate traveler’s keyboard, a flexible glow-in-the-dark keyboard that can also be washed if it gets dirty.

Our Flexible silicone Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard is strong, silent and indestructible! It’s portable so you can just roll it up and take it with you!

Never learned to type without looking at the keys? Now you can respond to those late night emails without the assistance of a blaring desk lamp!


Rechargeable, Solar-Powered Fluorescent Lantern!

Do you ever feel the need for a some outdoor fluorescent lighting?  Here’s a rechargeable, solar-powered fluorescent lantern to help you do just that.

Solar Powered rechargeable lantern includes a swiveling fluorescent lantern for 360° illumination, and a powerful spotlight.

1-watt solar cell gathers energy from the sun to recharge the sealed lead acid battery.

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Solar Powered LED Accent Garden Yard Lights!

With the recent movement of green and eco-friendliness by companies and consumers, you will have to get the solar powered LED accent garden yard lights for your next party or be damned by the gods!!!


    No Wiring Needed Convenient sensor automatically turns light on at night and off during the day Advanced LED technology provides bright white illumination Constructed of aluminum with a matte Oil-rubbed bronze powder finish (3) wh

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DIY – How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad!

Here’s a cool howto on making your own multi-touch pad!  This DIY should get you jump started on your next cool multi-touch project or at least you can just enjoy the video like me…

Don’t have a Multitouch Table yet? Have one, but need something smaller for testing? Building a small portable multitouch pad will allow you to test software and experiment on a smaller scale while building your full table or when away from your multitouch screen. Have fun and make a MTmini! This uses Fr

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