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DIY – How to Make a Petal Lamp!

Here’s a great DIY showing you how to turn an ordinary IKEA pendant lamp into a petal lamp!

these are two versions of modified ikea lamps, inspired by several designers i’ve seen over the years that use felt to create amazing textures. felt is inexpensive, easy to work with, and comes in a lot of great colors. i love how you can mold it and it will stay in place, almost like clay. these are also a fun project to share with kids since it involves cutting out hundreds of felt circles!

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DIY LED Tiles for your bathroom!


Well, here’s a DIY LED tiles for your bathroom.  Btw, you can go buy these color changing LEDs over at IKEA for about $10-20 and slap them on too.  Regardless, kudos for the project there bud!

A lot of people have been posting projects about ambient orbs or LED night lights.  I wanted to try something a bit different with LED lights.  I’ve been doing some renovations in our ensuite bathroom and decided to test out an LED strip behind the glass tiles.

Some people may ask why… I’ve asked myself that a number of t

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OnEarthTravel.com and our “other” blogs and social networking sites.

We have a new website called OnEarthTravel.com. It’s a website or a blog about travel. My girlfriend’s brother,Bodin, is running this site because he is so into travel.

It seems like we are making a new site every week. Our lives are getting busier and busier and I can’t remember last time hitting a golf ball anymore. Regardless, we will just have to keep diggin’ along.

Make sure to check out all our other sites when you are bored:

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