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IKEA Hack – How to Make an R2D2 IKEA Lamp!

You know for those of you who love Star Wars, making your own R2D2 IKEA lamp such as one featured here could be a lot of fun to make and look at.  Is isn’t “exactly” an R2D2 but it’s a good lamp mod for your work desk for Star Wars fanatics out there.

I am building a full size R2D2 from scratch, when you are scratch building everything begins look like a potential part, well this lamp I just got from IKEA really reminded me of the little domed one so I got bored and with a little bit of tweaking I got him looking pretty good.

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IKEA Hack – How to Make a Simple Slide Projector using IKEA Lamp!

There’s probably still a lot of you using image slides.  Instead of buying an image slide projector (which can be very costly), you could hack one up yourself using an IKEA lamp. The beauty of this project is that you can do it yourself using cheap lamps bought at IKEA, brilliant idea.

The purpose of the project is to recycle an old ikea lamp I ha

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