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Gastar m_iGrill Portable Propane Grills

I admit to being a BBQ-fiend, I cannot live without a grill but here’s an awesome Gastar “iGrill” that lets you plug in your favorite iPod or MP3 player to play music while you cook using the 8500 BTU propane gas tank.

I highly like this idea plus I like the size of this grill as it’s portable and won’t take up a large space in your home.

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George Foreman iGrill

When I first saw George Foreman Grill on TV like 5 years ago or so, I was very skeptical. Although I have never had one before, many of my friends have owned one before and told me how well it cooked steaks. Well, I am sold, I just haven’t got one yet. Here’s the new George Foreman iGrill that you can stick in your iPod and play music while BBQing. George probably thought of this while making some steaks. Nice. Great job George!  George Foreman has a b

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