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SiteHoppin Re-Launched as Domain Search Engine!

One of my greatest websites I ever made (and hard-coded all myself) using MediaWiki open-source as base platform is SiteHoppin.com.

SiteHoppin has been re-launched as a domain search engine.  Basically, it’s like Digg but we only store your URL infomation, no content whatsoever other than previews under iFrames.

You can also submit your blog/website URLs as they will get indexed by Google and other search engines much quicker.

Due to time c

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The biggest pyramid “splog” scam in this world today – StumbleUpon =Spambleupon

Okay, I will have to tell you the truth tonight about one of the biggest social networking sites, SpambleUpon, or most people call it, StumbleUpon.

They are making so much money off bloggers, basically StumbleUpon “scrapes” bloggers’ content and makes millions of dollars off you!  Even though no one has really “sued” them, they are in big trouble if bloggers start sueing them one by one.

Google should really ban them for “splogging”, every one of SU users’ blogs are “splogs” made up of content written by bloggers li

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StumbleUpon’s new “secret” extension-less Toolbar is just like SiteHoppin.com

Wow, today I got up to see stats on SiteHoppin.com and found out StumbleUpon is “secretly” working on a new “extension-less” toolbar just like SiteHoppin.com.

It seems like the guys at StumbleUpon might have picked up SiteHoppin’s new ideas. We praise them for doing that since that confirms that we are on the right path. Why didn’t StumbleUpon come up with it earlier? (They came out with this new toolbar 18 days after public beta

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