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How to Write Ideas in the Shower!

I’ve always preferred written writing over any of gazillion words I’ve wrote on my blog software WordPress, simply because when you want to think about ideas, I think the whiteboard does a wonderful job (with the ability to draw diagrams). Of course, I always do still like having in digital format as I am more of a digital guy (I have all my tax receipts scanned in digital format which the IRS accepts now using NeatReceipts) but you can never get rid of a giant whiteboard and the “feel” of using real markers is what makes it so special.

That being sa

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Top 85 Halloween Costume Ideas!

FUN Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Rubik’s Cube costume will have your friends wondering when you will be “solved”.

2. Men In Black costume looks cool and baaaad. (with the big guns that is…)

3. Nike Sneaker Costume, great f

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Butch Harmon’s Laser Trainer

Here’s a cool golf training aid from world’s renown golf teacher, Butch Harmon.  Basically you can attach this device to ends of your golf club.  Well, you can hack one out of flashlight or some laser pointers yourself…

Maybe we can convert out

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DIY – POV with Basic stamp


Here’s a cool POV with Basic stamp. I have been trying to think of some cool POV ideas but this article seems a good one to get started with…

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Other cool POVs:

Ian’s Spoke POV

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DIY – Minimalist Solar-powered Robot


Check out this awesome solar-bot!

We are getting a lot of good ideas on what to do with this…hmmm….

any ideas appreciated on some ideas (please leave comments if you’ve got ideas for expanding this DIY)

[gv data=”BQjmZaHMCZ8″][/gv]

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