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Garrett’s USB Mouse Prank Device


I was at work trying to draw some stuff and Garrett came over with his USB Hid Portal device and plugged it into my USB hub (which was annoying at first) then suddenly my mouse started making circles on its own! So we decided to call this the USB Mouse Prank Device… There’s really no howto on this but you can check out Garrett’s past USB projects such as:

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3G Cellphone Review – What’s your choice of 3G cellphone?

Are you thinking about getting a new cellphone or pda phone? Well, my HTC8125 with 2G just broke so I am thinking about getting a new phone. First thing you should really consider when buying a new cellphone is 3G support especially if it’s a pda smartphone you are buying. For your information, my HTC8125 with 2G is about as fast as a 115200 bps modem for browsing the internet. It does support wifi but even with wifi, it’s very slow and I don’t recommended for anyone.

Fore more on 2G vs. 3G performance, you can check out:

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