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DIY HACK – Lucid Dreaming Mask


I’ve always read books about how to lucid dream. Actually the best instruction I’ve found was the advice to watch your hand before you goto sleep and tell yourself, “am i dreaming?”. The book I read suggests that if I get in the habit of doing this, I will eventually ask myself that while I am dreaming. Also you can self-hypnotize yourself to wake when you are dreaming…


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BrainWave Generator for your ears


I have always been interested in hypnosis and how the brain functions, here’s a website you can download free brainwave generator program.

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DIY – Hypnosis Glasses


Hmmm…I have always been interested in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, hypnotism, golf-hypnosis…

Here’s a cool DIY I think we can take it further to another level…

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