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Ethernet Hack – How to Make a Remote Garage Monitor!

Are you one of those people who forget to close your garage door before leaving on a vacation to another country?

Well, do not worry as there’s a cool hack that shows you how to make a remote garage monitor so you can check it anywhere including your iPhone or Palm Pre.

Also, you can probably add a simple relay and open/close the garage door remotely.

Problem: My garage is detached from my house, difficult to see if the doors are open from the house. Or maybe I am in a hurry to ride to work and for

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Six Simple Tips For Building Outdoor Sheds

If You Are In A Hurry, Buy Prefabricated Kit Let’s start with this. The prefabricated kits are fool proof and have simple and easy construction. Usually the shed kits also come with years warranty – something that you don’t get if you build your shed entirely from scratch. So if you are not looking for do-it-yourself challenge and you just want a shed done, buy a prefabricated kit and forget about doing it from scratch.

Get The Foundations Right If your foundations is bad even the best shed project may get destroyed. If the shed

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Pyro Hack – How to Make Smoke Bomb!

If you were pyro-inclined like me back in middle school, you might have read “Poor Man’s James Bond” and tried making bunch of smoke bombs and whatnot.  Of course, nowdays you might want to be careful as people might mistaken you for a terrorist but heck, smoke bombs have always been pretty harmless, I don’t see why you shouldn’t make some.

About.com has a good detailed DIY on how to make a smoke bo

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USB Flash Drive Combination Lock!

Here’s an interesting gadget that does make sense for those of you still not encrypting your data on your USB flash drives.

Of course, a better way is to software-encrypt your data but for those of us in hurry, you might be able to protect your data using this new USB lock.  Maybe they can make a digital version of this combination lock.

Or even better, get a fingerprint-enabled USB flash drive.

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DealMax – 1GB and 2GB MicroSD Flash Memory on SALE at under 5 bucks!

CellPhoneShop is having a special sale on 1GB and 2GB MicroSD flash memory.  It even comes with a regular SD adaptor but if you need a MicroSD card for your Blackberry or other PDA, this might be a great deal at under 5 bucks!

1GB – $3.49 at CellPhoneShop.Net

2GB – $4.99 at CellPhoneShop.Net

The offer end tonight so get them in a hurry before!  (I am planning on getting a 2GB right now.)

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22-Foot Tall Giant Robot made out of Styrofoam!

Yes, perhaps making robot sculptures out of styrofoam may have some merits such as in 3D-movie making but you do get to pass a lot of time in a hurry.

Michael Salter is something of a pack rat. Instead of letting all that clutter go to waste as some might, however, he puts it to good use — or into making robot sculptures.

You may remember these adorable Styrobots from a little while ago. His new creation is a little bigger; it stands over 22 feet high and needs a wooden, skeletal armature to keep it standing as well as moving vans to trans

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Live Blogging – Zedomax Booth at Maker Faire

Hey we are live at the Maker Faire, blogging live! See our automated camera that follows people? Well, it’s a $160 Logitech camera we got in a hurry at Best Buy last night just before the store closed. Glad we got it working although the internet here sucks sometimes. Anyway, our booth is really popular! 🙂

Garrett is doing a great job with the crowd while I am hiding in the back. (Why am I hiding? Blogging of course!)

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Sony NW-A800 Video Walkman


Here’s a cool Sony Walkman review.

First impressions of the NW-A800 Walkman borrowed from a contact at Sony and filmed in a hurry.

[via] youtube

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