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Schwetty(Sweaty) Balls make a great Gift for your Golfoholic Friend!

If you have a friend who likes to joke about sweaty balls and his golf game, you might want to give him one of these really cool “Schwetty” balls for his next birthday. (If Greg Norman doesn’t win, I am selling this blog for sure…)

Hilarious Schwetty™ Balls make a great gag gift for the guy on your list with a sense of ballsy humor…retirees, bachelor parties, birthdays and more! Regulation golf balls comes imprinted with an L or R (for Left and Right) so you dont grab someone elses ball by mistake!

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Coughing Lung Cigarette Ashtray

Here’s a nifty little cigarette ashtray you can give as a present to your smoking friend.  It might help him quit smoking.  (might i said…)

A quit-smoking approach-with a bit of humor, too! This ashtray looks like a set of lungs, complete with bronchia. When a cigarette is placed on the edge of the “lungs,” you hear a realistic, hacking cough or a burning scream. Sounds are also activated by li

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FUNNY VIDEO – Guy gets frustrated with laptop!


I feel bad for this guy… sometimes I feel it too… good thing my laptop is still here! ^^

via dabomb.tv

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Hilarious Video for Bloggers – I’m Blogging Right Now!


This is a great video for bloggers.

“Um…I am blogging…tell them I am blogging…yes…that’s right…”

via johnchow

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Top 10 Ways Microsoft Would Change The Auto Business

Check out this Top 10 Ways Microsoft Would Change The Auto Business. Hilarious!

10. New seats would require everyone to have the same butt size.

9. We would all have to switch to Microsoft Gas.

8. The U.S. government would be forced to rebuild all of the roads for Microsoft cars; they will drive on the old roads, but they run very slowly.

7. The oil, alternator, gas and engine warning lights would be replaced by a single ‘General Car Fault’ warning light.

6. Sun Mot

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DIY Acrobatic Technology – Amazing Acrobatics


Cool acrobatics! Nice. Thanks Kenji for the link! 🙂

DIY? just kidding, 🙂

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HowTo:Build your own Thermonuclear Weapon

Build a nuclear weapon without endangering the world! Okay, this is more of a joke thing so check it out. :p

Building a thermonuclear weapon in the privacy of your own home has never been easier. It has also never been more irresponsible and dangerous, you reckless fool. What on Earth would

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