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More Fun Gadgets Roundabout!

Here’s today’s fun gadgets roundabout from the Sleep Revolution blog:

Now you can graffiti walls without actually doing so using UV tech.  Also, you can get the Rubik’s Cube lamp for your bedroom, it will look really cool.  And you might need the multimedia chair for ultimate gaming.


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Airplane Hack – How to Land a 747!

Here’s a cool airplane hack on how to land a 747 just in case.

Main Checklist Get on the radio, and tell whoever’s listening that you are landing a 747. Engage a single channel of the autopilot — light one of the buttons labeled “CMD.” Point the heading indicator in the direction indicated to keep the plane straight and level. Find the checklists in the side pocket of the pilot’s and copilot’s seat. If the plane is a 747-400, engage the Automatic Landing System (ALS). If it is not a 747-400, see below under “Landing Without ALS.”

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Bottle Water Humidifier!

Here’s a great way to save money on packaging for the manufacturer.  No really, this IS a great idea.

Compact and lightweight, this personal humidifier offers portability that is perfect for travel use. Small enough to easily fit in your luggage or carry on. Two different sized bottle adapters and a 100~240V AC adapter allows universal usage. All you need to obtain at destination is a bottle of water. Also ideal for use at work, in nursery or for anyone who desires its convenience and portability. Ultrasonic technology offers cool mi

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Do you need a Fog Maker for parties?

Creating fog can be a lot of fun for house parties or for simply pure enjoyment.

You can order a Mist Maker for only about $24.95 for the cheapest model.  This could also be a humidifier too.

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YADU to unveil humidifier with air purification function

This one caught my eye… YaDu!!!

Anyway, it’s a simple humidifier w/ air purification basically like the title says. It’s like a SharperImage air purifier except it cleans with water too using the humidifier. Kinda cool concept if it worked exactly what we think it means.

Wow, lots of control buttons…

BEIJING, China (AVING Special Report on ‘CHITEC 2007’) — <Visual News> YADU presen

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