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Robot employed as sex club tout

Robots are used as advertising tools for sex shops in Japan? Wow, robots can really be used for somethin’ these dayz…

Robots can get away with things that humans cannot. In the Minami area of Osaka, for example, a humanoid robot dressed in a “sailor suit” high school uniform now works the street as a tout for an adult information center that navigates potential customers to local sex clubs. Humans in Osaka are prohibited by law from engaging in such nefarious activity.


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Humanoid Robot Platforms

Check out these funny lookin’ Humanoid Robot Platforms from Hubo Lab at Kaist(Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, kinda like MIT of Korea).

HUBO-FX1 is the human-riding robot having 12 DOF. The development concept is that the robot can walk naturally with carrying a person or a load of 100kg, so the lower b

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Funky Futuba Robot

[gv data=”Ce9AswIM4ls”][/gv]

Here’s a cool robot like the Robonova with lots of fast movement.

Futaba reportedly plans to sell its new Futuba Robot worldwide for just $1,200 each. The 10-inch tall humanoid robot uses 11 high torque servos and 9 lightweight servos for the upper body for SUPER-FAST MOVEMENT.

The robot kit takes two hours to build, and will come with 15 pre-programmed moves or use an included motion editor to build their own. H

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AIST develops dexterous hand for working class droids

Here’s a video of simulating carrying heavy objects:

[gv data=”GYYI5n5w-FI”][/gv]

Here’s a video of it walking:

[gv data=”OoqdYPXN1q0″][/gv]

Here’s a cool robot with dexterous 5 finger hand motion from Japan.

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have succeeded in boosting the manual skills of blue-collar droids by developing a robust and dexterous hu

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Building The BRAT – entry level bipedal robot

Cool looking bipedal robot you can get started,

Our pals at ROBOT magazine have a -great- review and photos of this new/low-cost bi-ped robot, the BRAT – “This pictorial shows the assembly of Lynxmotion’s, www.lynxmotion.com, new BRAT, an entry level bipedal robot that is a milestone robot. With a starting price of less than $300, BRAT offers an affordable yet sophisticated entry into the humanoid robotics field. Use Lynxmotion’s powerful sequencing software and you wil

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