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Human Body DIY – How to Listen to Your Heartbeat with a Straw!

Here’s a really fun way to listen to your heartbeat by attaching a straw to your neck, why didn’t I think of this? – Pure Genius!

The next time you can’t figure it out, just stick a straw on the neck!

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Toyota Develops DIY Brain Powered WheelChair!

We’ve seen the brain-powered Twitter machine for people with spinal cord injuries.  Well, Toyota has just announced a fully-capable brain-powered wheelchair that you can control with your favorite human body part, the brain!  I too, wonder when we will be able to drive a car with our brains but the wheelchair is no small feat for sheezy.

According to Toyota, the company’s BMI technology has advanced to the point where

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Cast Iron Skillet Review!

For the most healthy, home-cooked meals, you might want to consider getting a real cast-iron skillet as I have been using one for about a year now.  The best part about cast-iron skillets is that they can handle high-heat, perfect for pre-cooking steaks before you put them in the oven.

As for health point-of-view, the iron-skillets might give off little scraps of iron that is actually great for your human body, unlike DuPont-coated non-iron skillets that can cause cancer among other things if that coat gets scraped off somehow.

One thing you have to be careful is to not use a

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DIY Dynamic Hand Powered Lamp!

Here’s a nifty idea for future reading lamps, a dynamic hand-powered lamp that is completely driven by the energy generated by your hand, kinetic they call it.

Really cool, great idea!

Karin Johansson’s lamp is a wonderful and eco-friendly concept that uses the globe of the earth as your source of light and the kinetic energy of your hands as the source of power. A dynamo placed inside the globe converts the kinetic energy to light, when y

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Forking in the River of Time – Time Travel is Possible!


I remember taking quantum physics and learning about how if you go at the speed of light, you can actually pass time very quickly.  (Let’s say you go at the speed of light for 1 year and come back to Earth in a space ship, everyone else on earth will have aged like 50 years.)

This quantum physics tells us that time travel is possible and proven theoretically that it’s possible as long as we can travel at the speed of the light.  The only part that humans haven’t figured out yet is that fact that a human body canno

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