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DIY Lego-Built Wall-E!

Cute lego Wall-E huh?

Joe Meno, editor of BrickJournal magazine, built the first well-done model of Pixar’s adorable little robot Wall-E. The creation features moving parts including the neck and arms and rolling treads and took three months to plan.

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Buy a mattress on our new mattress store!




Yeah, you gotta buy a mattress on our new mattress store! It POPS out of a box! Kinda cool huh?  It’s a spring mattress that is compressedat the factory to be able to fit in a box.


DJ’s miniture mixer, disc scratcher

Well, here’s a mixer, a mini version of disc scratcher for all you you DJs out there. I used to play with my friend’s real mixer since he was a DJ and there are some software versions out there but this would be rad to hook up to my mp3 or ipod if you have one.

If it’s audio related, and can in any way, sh

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Can resist this, Resistor Man!

You can’t miss the resistor man! (Could we hack it so resistor man moves, Garrett?)


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R2D2 Robot from StarWars available now at Hammacher Schlemmer

Yes, now you can get your own!

* able to react to voice commands this is probably a blessing from go because its the only thing that will obey your orders all the times, unless it runs out of batteries. There are over 40 voice commands that the R2 can obey, examples like turn around or move forward two units show his dedication to pleasure you.

* capable of playing games because of the infra-red sensor imagine the fun of playing tag with a robot, can you?

* it can have a bad mood

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