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HTC Launches OpenSense Open Source SDK!

One of the things I like about HTC is that they are going to open source all of their HTC Android smartphones and tablets. Which is great for people who are trying to install new ROMs, unlock their phones, etc…etc…

Finally, HTC launches OpenSense SDK, which is basically a development environment for their HTC devices. The new site also hints at “Unlock Bootloader” feature, which will be coming soon and phones that have been locked as of recently like the HTC Evo 4G, will benefit greatly from users being able to root their phones again.

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HTC CEO Announces No Locked Bootloaders on Android Devices!

My first HTC smartphone purchase was back in around 2006, it was a really crappy XDA-type of Windows phone that was just bulky and slow as it could ever be.

Well, after using Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, and my HTC G2 Phone, I am quite convinced that HTC has come a long way and impressed with the quality Android smartphones they can produce now.  I would say HTC tops all other manufacturers right now including Motorola and Samsung for Android smartphones.

I think the main reason behind this is that HTC got on Android first before anyone else, starting with the original Goog

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HTC on way to Sell 8.5 Million Devices by End of This Year!

HTC, the maker of HTC Evo 4G, Google Nexus One, and other array of Android smartphones, are on track to selling 8.5 million devices by the end of this year.

HTC will reportedly launch the dual-core Vision in Europe and the Mondrain this October. Additionally, HTC will be unveiling the HTC Vanguard and the HTC Emerald providing mobile handset customers various options on what handset they would want.

So is it any wonder if HTC would hit 8.5 million handsets sold by the fourth quarter? We have seen various models run out previously like the HTC EVO 4G so if any or all of

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Android 3.0 Coming in October with 1280×760 Resolution? [BREAKING]

Well, it just keeps getting better, there’s some Russian rumors that Android 3.0 will be coming in October this year with support for 1280×760 resolution. For those of you who haven’t bought an HTC Evo 4G, Droid X, or the iPhone 4, you might actually want to hold out just couple more months as “super” Android phones might hit the market later this year perhaps with 2Ghz mobile processors.

* Android 3.0 Gingerbread will be released in mid- October (around 15 -16th), 2010. First handsets shipping in November/December – for the Holiday Season. * Minimum h

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HTC Responds to Apple! The War Has Begun!

Well, the big news today is that HTC responds to Apple with a Boomshakalaka.

HTC’s official statement:

HTC disagrees with Apple’s actions and will fully defend itself. HTC strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect other innovators and their technologies as we have always done, but we will continue to embrace competition through our own innovation as a healthy way for consumers to get the best mobile experience possible,” said Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation. “From day one, HTC has focused

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What you missed Last Weekend [Roundup]

Unlike people who miserably suffer from 9 to 5 jobs (my former self), Zedomax.com keeps on feeding the author food and housing, meaning you have some interesting tech reads.

Here’s what you missed last weekend:

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Touchscreen Keypad Performance Test HTC 8125 vs. CuTOUCH CT1720


Well, I know I’ve been rambling about how sh#$@y my phone is but here’s a performance test between a 200 Mhz based mobile device and an 20Mhz based touchscreen controller.

Not exactly the best test for this but I figure I can get my word out about what you’d expect from a HTC 8125. But my HP PocketPC Jornada

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Very tempting HTC 8525


I’ve had so much trouble with my current HTC 8125, so tempted to switch to the 8525, but then who knows? Any links to reviews of this phone appreciated! Hmmm… at $695, I rather spend the money on going on vacation to hawaii…

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Cingular HTC 8525 400Mhz with 3G


Wow, this is nice phone, but 400Mhz might still be kinda slow for PocketPC…

It’s still forwarding us back to the old-skool 8125’s product page at the moment, but a tipster has managed to coax Cingular’s site into giving up the goods on the 8525 — Buy Now link and all. We’re guessing it has something to do with region or Premier account status, we’re not sure, but the point is that a select few are able to place their orders for

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