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HP TouchPad Runs Android 2.2.1!

Developers have found a way to run Android OS on the HP TouchPad. The good part is that TouchPad is no longer just a piece of deadware but its life could be elongated with installation of Android OS.

The bad part is that it’s still running Android Froyo, which isn’t a great OS for the tablet device and we would like to see Android Honeycomb running on it.

And of course, I probably wouldn’t install Android on a HP TouchPad anyways, WebOS is actually has some really good UI (user interface) I wouldn’t trade Android for.

What do you think?

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HP TouchPad Selling at $99 Like Hotcakes!

If you were lucky, you could have picked up an HP TouchPad, a 9.7-inch WebOS-based tablet device for just $99 at your local Wal-mart or BestBuy.

The crazy frenzy started last week when HP announced discontinued product development and support for their latest HP TouchPad only less than after 2 months of launch date.

Only days after that, HP TouchPad has started selling at only $99 at various retail stores.  Now, here comes the fun part, this $99 tablet device is probably the deal of century for a multi-touch tablet device.  In fact, if you compare HP TouchPad at $99,

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HP TouchPad Now Available Everywhere!

HP TouchPad is now finally here everywhere!  I still remember getting my first Palm Pre, which runs the same WebOS that the TouchPad runs.  I still think WebOS is better than both Android and iOS as far as intuitive multi-touch plus apps can easily be erased from the RAM using the card system.

WebOS is more close to a Linux OS while

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