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HP Coupons – Save Big on HP Laptops, PC, and More this week!

Check out some of these great deals on HP products this week. (Courtesy of Coupon Blog KouponBox.com)

4/4-4/10 Save up to $380 instantly on the HP Pavilion dv6t series Customizable Laptop PC! Savings Include: $150 instant rebate, Save $100 from 6GB to 8GB of memory, FREE double memory upgrade from 2GB to 4GB ($80 savings), Save 50% Off 320GB to 500GB hard drive ($25 savings) and FREE color customization ($29 savings).

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Microsoft’s New Ads Imply Macs are Too Expensive!


Lol, Microsoft is implying that Apple Macs are too expensive on their new ads, as seen in this vid. It’s true though, I “still” have bought 1 Mac in my whole entire life, that was for one of the graphic designers I hired, not for me. Of course, I will always need the extra features that PC give me, (ironic huh saying this and coming from a person who doesn’t like Windows) there’s so much more you can do on a PC.

Of course, I will never be satisfied with Windows, the operating system, but yes, PCs will

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Laptop DIY – How to Clean Your Laptop CPU Fans!

The #1 cause for laptop failures are the CPU fan grills filling up with dust and making your fans no longer operable.  Once you start hearing extra “fan sounds” in your laptop, it probably means your CPU fans are stuck with dust and it’s time to clean them.  If you don’t, your CPU will overheat and the laptop will ultimately give you the blue screen of death now and then.

But it’s not too hard to clean your laptop CPU fans, the hard part is just getting to it depending on the brand.

HP laptops in general have horrible fan-grill designs, I have p

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Windows Vista Tips – How to Recover to an Earlier Point in Time!

Today, I decided to buy a new laptop since my previous two $2000 HP laptops keep dying on me constantly.

I did get a Dell Inspiron 1525 for about $600 at my local BestBuy.  It turns out the laptop gives you bang for your dollar.

Although I do hate even saying Vista as of lately, I decided to give it another go and see if Vista would stay on the laptop as it came with it.  The funniest thing happened though, I got the “unlimited” blue screens of death after installing one of my older

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Online Shop Hack – How to Get 20% off pretty much Anything you buy Online!

You can easily get 20% off pretty much anything you buy if it’s part of Microsoft’s buyback program.

Here’s how you do it.  Goto Live.com and search for anything you want to buy.  Sometimes, you will have to enter the competitors product to get the discount.  (As you can see above, you get 20% off for HP laptops by searching for Dell Laptops)

I started my search at Live.com and searched for “cheap” along with some product name; I tried a few variations such as “cheap wii” and “

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