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Recliner Hack – How to Make your Own DIY Recliner!


I bought an anti-gravity recliner lounge chair about 6 months back and I have to say it’s one of the best investments I have ever made as I use it to blog probably all day long.

Of course, for those of you who want to make a “custom” recliner for your backyard by the pool (hopefully you have a pool, although I don’t silly), take a look at Kip Kay’s great video guide.

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LED Hack – How to Make (Google)Voice Activated LED Signs!


Here’s a really cool hack that uses GoogleVoice to translate voice into words and to his LED sign.  This should save a lot of time anytime you want to change the message on your LED sign.  Brilliant!

I made the LED sign following instructions from this tutorial on Nerdkits.com.  The hardware is some LED’s, a nerdkit, a piece of cardboard and a bit of wire that I got from some Cat 5 cable laying around.  I cut out the cardboard and printed a g

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Motor DIY HACK – How to make a Homopolar Motor!

Motor DIY 1


Oooh, check out this cool simple homopolar motor made with a standard AA battery, magnet, and some wires!

If you want to check out some real industrial motor stuff, make sure to check out our DIY with some industrial steppers.


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