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Food Hack – How to Make Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving!

Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner now, here’s a cool food hack that shows you how to make pumpkin pie.  I am sure many of you already know how to make it but if you don’t, here it is.

Pumpkin pie is the king of Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, and this recipe will easily get even your most over-stuffed guests thinking about a second slice.

This pie is adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe (Nov. & Dec. 2008, #95), and contains a couple of secret ingredients that are delicious and will ensure requests f

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Pumpkin Wreath!

Check out this cool Halloween DIY on how to make a pumpkin wreath.  It’s not Christmas but no one said you can’t make a wreath on a special American holiday.

Here’s a great use for those miniature pumpkins that you see in grocery stores and at produce stands this time of year. For a Halloween decoration that will bring seasonal color to your front door, attach some miniature pumpkins to a plastic foam wreath. It’s easy to do: Just wire the tiny pumpkins to the wreath form, and use sheet moss to fill in the spaces between th

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