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How to Make Honey! [How Do They]

Our Russian friends over at EnglishRussia have detailed step-by-step photos on how to make honey with real bees.

For those of you who have never seen how they (bees) make honey, head over here.

Btw, honey can be much better substitute than sugar for your morning-addictions like coffee.

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[How Do They] Make Seedless Watermelons?

If you are like me, you probably have a dozens or even hundreds of questions you ask yourself daily on “how do they” making things such as seedless watermelons.

Yes, I just found out seedless watermelons are not natural but done through DNA control:

Producing a seedless watermelon involves three steps. First, a plant is treated with colchicine, a substance that allows chromosomes to duplicate, but prevents the copies from being distributed properly to dividing cells. As a result, a plant with four sets of chromosomes is created, a “tetraploid.”


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[How Do They] Make Flu H1N1 Vaccines?

You probably want to learn how they make flu, H1N1, or any vaccines.  In general, vaccines are made by incubating the virus itself into chicken eggs, then purifying the virus. (see this chart for reference)

As for H1N1, here’s a descriptive process of how the H1N1 vaccine is made:

First, “reverse genetics”, where scientists take the H and the N surface proteins from the H1N1 virus and mix them with a laboratory virus known as PR8.


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[How Do They] Make Jet Engines?

You’ve probably wondered why people put jet engines on their already-too-fast sports cars but then again, there’s some fun to challenging the limits of physics and human knowledge.

In this blog post, let’s take a look at how they actually make jet engines, not just how to make a jet engine.

Here’s a video of how they make jet engines at Rolls Royce:


According to

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[How Do They] Make Scuba Oxygen Tanks?

If you always wonders how they made oxygen tanks for scuba diving, you might want to see this great video that details the process of making real scuba tanks:


And of course, don’t attempt to make your own scuba tanks as suggested here on Yahoo Answers:

A SCUBA tank is what’s called “Life Support Equipment”. It’s called that for a reason.

People die doing what you’re suggesting. Don’t even go

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[How Do They] Make Computer Chips (Silicon Wafers)?

(Image Credit)

Have you ever wondered what computers chips are made from?  If you don’t know, you might be rather surprised to learn how they make computer chips or the semiconductors they call it.

Computer chips are made from silicon wafers.  Silicon wafers are basically made from your regular ol’ sand.

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How Do They Build Snowboards?

If you’ve always wondered how they made snowboards, here’s a video you can watch and learn from one of the best, the founder/CEO of Signal Snowboards show you exactly how they make snowboards by hand at their California factory.

And as for me, I can’t wait to go up to Tahoe this winter for some fun boarding, I’ve grew up with snowboarding even before it was popular and wide-spread is now.  Let’s just put it this way, I used to go snowboarding for most of my teenage winter vacations until I picked up golf.

My favorite snowboard still is Bu

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