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ULTRA-SIMPLE HOVERCRAFT can lift several adults!

Another cool DIY on how to make a fullsize hovercraft that can lift several hundred pounds.

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DIY Hoverboard Hovers on Water

Hoverboard for going over water using 4 giagantic Ryobi leaf-blower engines building on top

of previous article. wow!

Well, here it is. Hoverboard vH2.0. And yes it has successfully hovered on water (just not with me on it. Damn it!) I guess I knew Neptune wasnt looking favourably on my latest build when I felt compelled to don Bermudas rather than ride my creation in sla

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DIY HOWTO make a Hoverboard

Build your own hoverboard using Jason’s instructions here:

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DIY Kits – Real Hoverboard

These guys sell hoverboard plans you can do-it-yourself to lift 200lb person 1inch off the ground, even in snow!

(if you work for futurehorizons, plz send me a plan, i wanna build one… 🙂 )

They got some other cool plans…

The hoverboard uses high performance hovercraft technology to lift a 200+lb rider 1 inch above the ground. A 6 horsepower 4-stroke gasoline engine spins a multi bladed propeller to force air under the craft. The plans are easy to follo

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Zedomax DIY 112 – Zedomax Hovercraft version 2 – Asteroid!

Okay, yesterday through the instructable, we made a simple hovercraft. Today, we are going to take

it to another level by taking FOUR PC fan coolers and running the FANS at 24VDC instead of the

12V DC rating. I think they are okay up to 30VDC, well, our fans are still running�

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DIY – Hoverwing – Build a 120 horsepower hover-plane for $5200

Check these guys out, you can build your own hovering plane thingee for about $5200, they got DIY kits for building your hovercraft, hoverwing, etc…etc…

They claim it takes about 2500 hours = about 100 days to make one of these by yourself.


[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=4948925965076423013&hl=en” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

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